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There is a man, carpenter, designer and artist Daniel Karpiš - NEOKARP,

who is personally responsible for an individual approach to interior design for the most demanding clients,

from design to production and realization. This is offer of unique art that never get old.
  • special interiors for you
  • from a design to final installation
  • individual approach
  • serious dealing, professionalism
  • long-term guarantee


"The wood as a lurking material for the next generation. The perfect harmony of organic wood design, above standard quality and unusual luxury."
All-in is concentrated to the attractive bathroom, that satisfies human senses. The warm feeling of wood touch becomes a friend with water. The work of art exceptionality is best to feel in a common using. VAUU company using supertemporal and actual design is moving borders of craft skills, functionality and technical perfection into the object of art of historical value.
Using of the most modern technologies and materials, detailed selection of wood mass guarantee that 3 years garantie of our company is only the beginning of a long bathroom existence that never get old. Behind this guarantee is one specific person, designer and art carpenter Daniel Karpiš- NEOKARP, which is personaly responsible for individual attitude at creating interiors without borders limitation also for the most demanding clients. The wood and the water, love to wood, imaginativeness and innovative approach are the main moving motive of our the above standard and luxury offer.
The wood bathroom furniture from VAUU company, if treated properly, stays for a long time as a new one.

Events and news

Exposition Nábytok a Bývanie 2014 in Nitre, Hall B. 11. - 16. march 2014